"Organic Squeeze gives others access to all the things we as a family wish we had known and had the access to years ago. The opportunity for education and prevention in our state and nation drive us to give our customers the very best."

As Oklahoma's premier plant-based juice and smoothie bar, we pledge to serve organic, non-GMO juices, smoothies and food all the time. Why? Because we know that this way is better. Better for you, with well-documented mental and physical health benefits. Better for your family. Better for the earth.

Since 2013, Organic Squeeze’s mission has been to provide Life In Every Drop. We ensure the best product by choosing pure, organic produce, without adding extra sugar or other artificial enhancers, and preparing it in a way to provide the maximum nutritional benefit. We are constantly researching and recipe-testing to bring you the best tasting product that’s good for you in every way.

Exclusively partnered with Organic Squeeze, Provision Kitchen is a healthy, convenient food concept that offers chef-prepared entrees, salads and snacks to make for an easy, healthy, and happy lifestyle. They are dedicated to bringing our customers flavorful, nutrient-dense meals made from the highest quality organic ingredients. Provision Kitchen’s goal is to conveniently bridge the gap between truly healthful eating and absolutely delicious food.

In 2018, Organic Squeeze, Provision Kitchen, and Hal Smith Restaurants joined forces to provide the highest quality, healthy, convenient food and beverages to as many people as possible. We have built a production kitchen where Provision Kitchen cooks and packages all of our meals and snacks, and where Organic Squeeze makes cold-pressed juices and smoothie packs. The products are then delivered from the production kitchen to the Organic Squeeze retail stores, which are managed by Hal Smith Restaurants.

Together, we've created a haven, where you can eat what you want when you want it; knowing that everything — from each ingredient, to our complete water filtration system and even our packaging, is optimal for your health and our environment. We take great pride in our products and in providing our customers with nothing but the best. Our goal is to be the ultimate one-stop-shop for truly healthy, convenient food.



Join Our Team!

We are always on the search for our next juiceologist. Organic Squeeze prides itself in finding the right person to help be a brand ambassador at one of our locations. Passionate, health-conscious individuals help bring the spirit of Organic Squeeze alive. We would love to hear about you and see if you could be part of our Squeeze family.

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Deserve A Squeeze

We all know someone in our community that could use some appreciation. Organic Squeeze wants to celebrate these awesome people with a Deserve-A-Squeeze.

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No Soda Summer

Organic Squeeze is committed to building generations of healthy lifestyles right here in OKC! Join us every Friday from June through August as we celebrate healthy habits with our No Soda Summer Challenge.

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